Monday, 30 January 2017

Upscale Restaurants - Steakhouse New York

Resident is a Luxury lifestyle magazine where you will find the best of the best around the globe.
Whether you are looking for luxury real estate,
upscale restaurants, expensive round the world trips, the best foods and wine to dine on, the newest and high-class fashion, and the fanciest high end events to attend or read about, you will find everything you need with us.

Look through the worlds best upscale restaurants, the best Steakhouse New York, the biggest events on and off television. Find the rare bottle of wine you have been looking for so long for. Gala events, celebrity gossip and news, what is your favorite actress doing today?

Don´t be left out just because you cannot afford the high-life. You will find out the best places to pay low cost at high end events and for remarkable vacations. Find out about the most expensive cars, the most luxurious watches, make plans to travel around the world, or to your favorite destinations like Paris or Tokyo.

See what it is like to take a seat in some of the nicest upscale restaurants. Walk down Hollywood Boulevard, be a part of the world everyone fancies.  Visit the most pleasant Steakhouse New York, or in the classiest casinos in the whole world.       

We offer articles on every high end event, on every luxurious cruise and vacation, on your favorite actors and actresses, on luxury jewelry and watches, the latest and most beautiful fashion, and much more. Find out everything about anything in the luxury lifestyles of the rich and famous. What upscale restaurants do they eat at, which Steakhouse New York did they show up at last week.  This life is too exciting to miss any part of it. 

Experience the world´s finest in products and high end events with Resident Magazine. Resident Magazine comes in printed and digital formats.

Resident Magazine, the worlds finest Real Estate, Travel, Food, Fashion, Health and Wellness and High End Events.

Resident is a global lifestyle magazine where you can experience the best high end events and the finest products, online and in print.

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